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Modern Bedroom Design | Kubix
Modern Home Design | Kubix

Affordable Inner-City Living - with Style

Stylish, modern, eco-friendly new homes do not have to be super-pricey.

Our innovative Systematized Hybrid Construction processes allow us to offer high-quality, sustainable new homes in a similar range to low-efficiency cookie-cutter houses in the suburbs – for real.

We’re talking about a two-story, three-bedroom modern, green, inner-city home - with a garage and a patch of grass front and back. And no condo fees.

Through a combination of our innovative Metal Matrix™ structure, our Hybrid Construction and interior selection processes, carefully chosen environmentally responsible building materials, and our finger-on-the-pulse land purchasing capabilities, ​we've been able to keep the cost of building lower than other comparable inner-city modern home builders.

Those savings are passed on to you in every Kubix home we build.

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You'll Save on More than Just the Purchase Price
Affordability isn't just about the initial investment in your new home. A Kubix home continues to save you money long after you move in. Here are just a few examples of the savings:

Non-Combustible Materials Insurance Savings
The 100% non-combustible
Metal Matrix™ structure has positive insurance implications, with underwriters often reducing premiums by up to 70%. That's not a typo - 70%!

Virtually No Maintenance Costs
Impervious and durable, steel built structures will not shift, crack, warp, attract mould or mildew, or be infested by termites, insects or rodents. That means virtually no structural maintenance costs in the years to come, barring any natural disasters

+/- Zero Energy Loss
Pre-insulation creates a tight building envelop, meaning there is virtually no energy lost through gaps in the insulation of the structure. The only energy you’ll waste is leaving the TV on by accident when you head off on your bike to work in the morning.

High-Efficiency Everything
Each home is developed with high-efficiency appliances, heating systems and water systems, using less power, gas and water for virtually every activity. That includes a solar-powered hot water pre-heating and rainwater storage systems.

Your Daily Commute
Not to mention all the money you'll
save on fuel and parking by not having to commute from the 'burbs five days a week. (Or the face-palming stress of driving the Deerfoot everyday. Sell your car. Buy a bike. You could be home from work in 15 minutes.)

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