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The Big :: Idea

"The Big Idea" behind Kubix incorporates seven founding principles that define and shape everything from the initial pen-to-paper structural designs to the final delivery of the keys to your new home into your hot little hands.
Here they are:

Built on a healthy disrespect for conformity, Kubix challenges the norm to bring you unparalleled sustainable building innovation via simple form-follows-function modern home design in Calgary's most desirable inner-city communities.

A Kubix home is the embodiment of high technology construction unified with innovative, yet simple, modern design. It is the creation of the ultimate living experience: where modern design and affordability collide, where the timeless meets the progressive, and inspired originality results in a lifestyle defined by unmistakable design and urban living.


Founded on the notion that there has to be a smarter way to build, Kubix’s innovative approach to delivering sustainable, affordable modern homes uses an easy to assemble proprietary Metal Matrix™ structure and a Systematized Hybrid Construction™ process – the first of its kind in residential single family home building


Kubix collaborates with renowned architects and experienced trade professionals to ensure the delivery of the highest quality modern home product in its class to emerging inner-city communities by developing progressive, intelligent home building innovation and timeless, smart design.


Inspired by the world’s greatest and most unassuming architectural and industrial designs, Kubix founder Domenic Buonincontri had one vision – to incorporate revolutionary, sustainable building products and designs into a modern lifestyle revolving around art and technology in the heart of his hometown.

In addition to the company’s proprietary structure and building process, Kubix homes are created to be light-filled, energy-efficient, long-lasting, safe and healthy family homes with unique details that could only be the result of a truly attentive and experienced team of enthusiastic professionals.

Regardless of how stunning the design, how affordable the price, or how innovative the construction process may be, Kubix understands and embraces the fact that building first-rate relationships with our clients, suppliers, collaborators, partners, investors and neighbours is key to our business and personal success. Without these relationships, we are nothing.

Want to find out more about Kubix? Give us a shout! 

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