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Home Design Simplicity | Kubix

Home Design Simplicity

All this enviro-babble is all well and good, but none of us want to live in a sterile, characterless steel box. We want our homes to be just that - home.

A Kubix home is the embodiment of high technology construction unified with innovative, yet simple, modern design that reflects urban lifestyles. 

Our homes are created to be light-filled, energy-efficient, long-lasting, safe and healthy family homes with unique interior details, the result of a truly attentive and experienced team of enthusiastic professionals.

On the exterior, Kubix develops sustainable, eco-friendly homes that live in harmony with mature inner-city neighbourhoods – communities with excellent transit links, bike paths and great walkability scores.

Here are a few of the design features you'll find in a Kubix home: 


:: Intelligent interior space planning that can only be developed through  years of home design and build experience


:: Green roof terraces where possible, which not only reduce storm water  run-off, but provide oxygen-rich additional outdoor living space


:: Rainwater harvesting systems in place to conserve tap water use by    providing a secondary water source for indoor or outdoor green spaces


:: Radiant heat systems imbedded in concrete basement floors for  an efficient, comfortable and dust-free heat source


:: Smart bicycle storage for easy, clean access 


:: Electric car charging station in garage

See how it all comes together in our Image Gallery. 

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