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The Metal Matrix

Welcome to the future of smart home building. Our proprietary system uses cold-formed steel for your home’s 100% non-combustible structural frame, reducing wood consumption by over 30%.


What makes the Metal Matrix such a big deal? 

While multi-family, high-rise builders have been using steel structures for years, this material has yet to be used in small-scale residential housing. That was until Kubix came along to revolutionize traditional home building.

Through progressive architectural engineering, planning down to the millimeter, the high-tech factory fabrication of our Pre-insulated Steel Structural Panels (PSSPs), and our Systematized Hybrid Construction model, a Kubix home simply bolts together once on site in a few days. Then the finishing work begins.

Why use a cold-formed steel structure when wood will do?

There are innumerable benefits in using a steel structure, from environmental impact, to cost, to speed of building, to durability to the health and safety of your family. 

Here are just a few of the key facts about building your new home with cold-formed steel the Kubix way:

30% Less Wood = 30% More Trees
Our proprietary building system uses cold-formed steel for the main structure, reducing wood consumption by over 30%. That means m
ore trees left in the forrest for future generations and minimized construction waste.

95% Recycled Materials

Cold-formed steel is constructed of 95% recycled metal, like that tuna can you sent off to recycling this morning in your blue bin. 

Steel is 100% Non-Combustible
Add to that the non-flammable materials used the pre-insulation process and the your home insurance costs go down while your family's security increases.

Durability & Imperviousness
Steel built structures will not shift, crack, warp, attract mould or mildew, or be infested by termites, insects or rodents. Steel buildings have incredibly long life-spans, estimated in the hundreds of years. Why is anyone still using wood? 

Pre-Engineering, Pre-Fabrication, Pre-Insulation, Pre-Planning
We estimate that up to 75% the home building process is complete before we even dig a hole for the foundation. That equates to huge time and money savings fo you, as you're able to move into your home within 4 months of signing the deal. 
Find out more about our building process.

Light-Weight & Easy to Transport
Unlike traditional Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) made with wood, Kubix's Pre-insulated Steel Structural Panels (PSSPs) are lightweight and easy to transport. They're also easy to bolt together on-site. We don't need to stop traffic to deliver a Kubix house and we do not need a crane to put it together! 


No Off-Gassing
There is no off-gassing from the steel structure, as there is from stick frame construction as the lumber dries over time, which makes for better air quality in your home. 

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