Apple to Fit Smart Home Under One Roof

Though many criticize Apple for not being innovative at times, there is one this that Apple has always done well: perfect popular products. The typical strategy is: wait for another company to take the first step, watch as it becomes popular, listen to feedback, and then swoop in with their unified version of the product.

This hasn't changed much with the smart home and Apple Home. Since its reveal of Apple Home (then called HomeKit) at WWDC 2014, it was touted as a big part of its iOS 8 reveal. However, it wasn't quite producing the results it was looking for... yet. However, as time went on, more and more IoT and #SmartHome manufacturers began incorporating more and more of Apple Home's API, and now after a few years, Apple's dream of an all encompassing unified vision for the smart home (integrated with Apple devices) has finally come to fruition.

Read more over at our friends at TechCrunch for the rest of the story!

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