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Quick Home Possession | Kubix

Quick New Home Possession

Our goal is to make your life as easy as we possibly can – from the initial decision to build or purchase an existing Kubix home, through to the delivery of the new keys to your affordable dream home.

Ordering a Kubix home is simple. Structured interior and exterior selections allow you to choose your new home’s appointments inside of half an hour. Once all the paperwork is completed, we aim to deliver your new home in less than four months.

That's 30 minutes plus 4 months until you're sleeping in your new home!

How is it Possible?
Obviously, we cannot control the weather, but everything that we can possibly control has been taken care of long before you purchase your new Kubix home. Here's the run-down:

:: The nature of our Metal Matrix structure and Hybrid Construction model mean all architectural planning, metal fabrication and panel construction is already complete. 

:: Pre-approved City of Calgary permits for “pre-fab” construction (even though it isn't really "pre-fab")

:: Lots are already available in inner-city communities of choice. All you have to do is pick your new home location!

:: Mortgage broker on standby for priority service and the best rates possible at time of purchase 

:: Convenient walk-through times with the construction manager directly responsible for your home

:: Pro-active one year new home warranty that goes far above and beyond Alberta legislation

Get details about the Kubix design selection process (coming soon)

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