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The Adventure Begins

Welcome to our new adventure!

We're very excited to be starting out on this journey, at what we feel is just the right time in the progression of Calgary's inner-city urban redevelopment. With urban sprawl becoming more and more of an issue in our outlying areas, it's time to take a closer look at revitalizing our inner-city communities, with a greater focus on walkability, public transport and bike-powered commuting.

Our focus at Kubix is to build all our homes with an eye to the future, and a finger on the pulse of environmentally responsible building technologies, with net-zero housing and Passivehaus standards as the benchmarks we strive to meet or exceed. These standards are all the more challenging in Calgary's climate of extremes in Summer and Winter!

We aim to provide new infill home development on the perimeter of Calgary's core business area, in sought-after areas like, Bridgeland, Inglewood, Tuxedo, Capital Hill and Crescent Heights - at a prices well within reach for modern homes in these inner-city communities.

Watch this space for further developments on exciting new sustainable modern home building projects coming right up!

Domenic Buonincontri


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