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One Ingenious Designer… One Inconvenient Support Column

Working with some awesome design and architecture zealots over here at Kubix, we have opportunities to do some serious problem-solving when it comes to envisioning with new concepts for our homes. We don’t just want to get to the next curve, we want to get to the next paradigm. When it comes to dealing with new and creative solutions for the roadblocks we face, the geeks at Kubix toil night and day to find an efficient, and aesthetic solution to blow those roadblocks wide open!

architects tools

Better bust out the tools!

Over in Spain, a designer by the name of Marcel Wanders was presented with a problem. While designing a contemporary home, a large ugly column was RIGHT THERE smack-dab in the middle of this beautiful and large master bedroom. Due to this being such a large bedroom, this support column couldn’t be removed.

Needless to say, the solution was beautiful and ingenious!

Check out the post from Contemporist about Marcel’s challenge HERE

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