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Three Major Characteristics of Modern Architecture

Calgary modern homes are becoming more and more common as the years go by. Many Calgarians and homebuilders alike have taken to buying up homes in Calgary that are date in older neighbourhoods, but the land on which they sit on is ready for new designs. The folks here at Kubix LOVE modern architecture as you can see!

calgary modern homes

The Kubix "Vibe" in Tuxedo

Have you ever wondered what makes modern homes MODERN? Here’s a few things you’ll notice right away:

1. No Ornaments — Drop the decorations! Modern architecture is kept simple with straight lines, boxes, and rectangles with solid colours and a clean aesthetic.

2. Modern Materials and Technologies — We love modern tech and as you can see from our building choices: innovative technologies and materials ROCK! Whether its home automation with tools such as NEST or our Systematized Hybrid Construction™, it’s important to remember that when you’re building modern you keep with the modern times.

3. Lots of Glass & Natural Light — Let's be honest, no 'simulated" natural light is going to replace real natural light. The modern home is not only smart with new technologies, but with its building characteristics too! Lots of windows and open spaces allow you to soak up the sun so you won’t need all those lamps during the day to keep your home lit (or to keep that vitamin D flowing in).

If you’re looking to live in a greener neighbourhood with great places to go for walks and even be closed to downtown, then a modern infill might be just right for you. Give us a SHOUT and we can definitely hook you up!

Want to know more about modern architecture? The folks over at a2modern have a great list for you to take a look at.

Check it out HERE!

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