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Thinking Like an Architect

It’s no secret that at Kubix we love challenges. When building our homes there is a plethora of design decisions that we have to make in order to build an amazing home that is both aesthetic, functional, and falls within the realm of modern design. While building modern homes in Calgary we must take a number of factors into consideration such as the climate, neighborhood, natural elements (such as the landscape) and many other factors to make sure that everything fits perfectly (and that we are using every element to our advantage). We don’t build homes that are average. Every modern home by Kubix is unique.

Ever wonder what goes through an architect’s mind when designing a new home? Check out TEDx speaker & architect Berry Berkus’ video on the design process and how to think like an architect!

Looking to build a modern home in Calgary? Give us a SHOUT and we’ll hook you up!

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