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Could the Apple Watch be the New Addition to the Smart Home?

It’s no doubt that when it comes down to it: smart watches are here to stay. Whether it’s the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear S or the Moto360, smart watches are not only slick as heck, but they’ve got a myriad of uses that are incredibly valuable!

Yes, we’ve got notifications that we can get on our wrists. Yes, they can give us our heart rate. But can they help with our home security? Can they help make our home more functional with the push of a button?

The answer to those questions is (more and more) a resounding YES. From controlling things like lighting, cameras, and doors, it seems that Apple’s demo of their new watch has opened the door (pun intended) for some awesome apps to be coming our way!

Say “Hello” to the Future!

We’re definitely excited to see how we can begin equipping some of our Kubix homes here in Calgary with some awesome new smart features!


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