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A Story About Using Space Efficiently

With spaces getting smaller all over Calgary, builders need to look for new ways to use the lots that they have in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining the beauty of their homes and landscaping. The peeps here at Kubix believe inspiration is all over, you just need to know where to look! When it comes to building modern homes in Calgary (especially infills), the challenge comes when you have to work around your circumstances in already built and developed neighborhoods.

An architect in Australia by the name of David Boyle designed a beautiful home which (prior to building) looked like it wasn’t going to turn out too well. With a tight lot, no views, and surrounded by overbearing homes, David managed to pull off a design that maximized the limited light available using a series of interlinked spaces. The results are stunning.

Check out the article from Contemporist to see the photos of this amazing accomplishment!

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