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VR in Real Estate

Imagine you could walk through your next Calgary modern home before it was even built. Modern technology, and some really savvy start-ups have taken to using modern VR technology to show business buildings off through virtual tours available to commercial real estate clients. Imagine this technology applied to modern homes today. Once the home rendering is complete, you could have a chance to walk around your 3D-rendered home before it is even built and you could even see what you like and don’t like. Alternatively if you are looking at a home that is still in progress of being built (by lets say…us!), you could put on a VR headset and headphones and go to town and experience the home before it’s even finished! We at Kubix see this as the future of building technology, and we can’t wait for services like these to go mainstream! The Vancouver Sun did an article a few months back on the use of VR in commercial real estate sales, but there’s plenty of video out there!

Check out the video below using the UNITY engine (primarily a video game engine) to render homes in 3D. The graphical fidelity is rather low, but very soon we will be looking at much more "real" looking renders.

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