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Adding a Tesla Battery to Your Home?

We’ve had solar panels available for a long time. You can even have your roof covered in them if you wish! The problem with solar panels is that when it comes to yielded power vs. investment, it just doesn’t cut it. Don’t be fooled, solar energy won’t save you a dime (unless you’re ok with waiting a couple decades until it begins to pay for itself). The real advantage comes when there is NO POWER — as in when the power gets cut. Most solar batteries have a very limited capacity when it comes to retaining solar energy, and so Tesla mastermind Elon Musk is making a bid to turn his innovative electric supercar company into a home energy maker -- Tesla Energy.

This sleek and stylish new battery (called the Tesla Wall) can attach to the side of any home, garage, or commercial business (if you buy the commercial version). An invention like this could keep businesses going when power goes out or keep your lights and refrigerator on in your home when the power goes out for WHO KNOWS how long. We’ve all been there.

Now -- the game changer? It's $3500.

Check out this article from Bloomberg about Elon Musks new venture and let us know what you think!

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