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Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Mothers Day

You did it again didn’t you? You left mother’s day shopping till the last minute and now you don’t know what to get her? Well don’t worry! The folk here at Kubix — your Calgary modern home specialists are on the job to hunt down awesome gift ideas!

1. Flowers

Yes, flowers are going to be on the list (you can’t avoid it), but nobody says they have to be plain. Roses getting a little bit too boring? How about one of the many Mother's Day bouquets from the Toronto Flower Company? These arrangements are sure to let her know you've been paying attention to what she's taught you!

2. Sunglasses and Accessories

Because it’s summer, the sun is bright, and mom’s a star! You can’t go wrong with accessories! Check out these Piper sunglasses from Warby Parker, or this Dewdrop rose gold bracelet from Catbird Jewelry.

3. Champagne

But not just any champagne — pink champagne of course! Any reputable wine and spirits outlet should carry at least a few bottles of Moët & Chandon Rosé imperial champagne. It’s extra special, just like her.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out this article by Esquire!

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