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Could SmartFlower™ Solar Systems be the Future?

SmartFlower TM — an Austrian solar energy company has revealed its unique and innovative solar energy system which (unlike traditional home solar systems) is ground mounted, and because of its design, is durable and efficient. Due to its ability to fold up at night, the SmartFlower POP System (as it’s called) is capable of withstanding powerful wind conditions and is able to unfold in the morning automatically.

Due to its design and its ability to track sun movements, it is able to yield a 40% increase above traditional solar methods, and is capable of generating 3400 - 6200kWh of power / year. According to the City of Calgary website, the average Calgary home uses approximately 7200kWh per year of energy, however a majority of this consumption is from appliances, and with improvements in energy efficiency, the SmartFlower could possibly become an ideal part of the Calgary home.

In addition to its energy yield, the SmartFlower is also movable from one home to the other, and does not need to be customized per home unlike traditional units (unless you want to pick from one of the 8 colours available).

It’s no doubt that solar could be the future of our society, and sustainability is crucial to not only our cities, but our individual lives as well. No more worrying about power outages? We at Kubix approve!

Looking for a modern home in Calgary, AB?

Kubix has you covered -- contact us now!

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