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3 Things to Gear Your Home w/ This Summer!

When it comes to technology, the nerds over at Kubix have got you covered! It’s been another month and it’s time to talk about some more awesome home technology that will help improve your life (even your sleep), and just help to make your pad even cooler than it already is!

1. Withings HD Home Security Camera

Other than its sleek design and smartphone integration this camera features not only a microphone for recording sound, but a speaker for…well…speaking through. If that’s not enough? It’s also got an air quality sensor to make sure you’re only breathing in the finest, and 2 days worth of cloud-based recording (that can be bumped up)!

Check it out here

2. The Leesa Mattress

This definitely isn’t your typical mattress. Aside from the fact that it’s delivered to you in a box similar to a lot of other memory foam mattresses, this definitely doesn’t feel like one. Due to its construction with premium materials and multi-layer foam design with a layer of cooling foam on top (for those who hate getting hot while they sleep), a middle layer of contouring memory foam for support, and a bottom layer with dense support foam, the Leesa Mattress is definitely going on our home wishlist!

Check it out here

3. H2oVibe Rain Showerhead

Have you ever wanted to listen to music while in the shower but never quote found the right tool for the job? Well the folks over at H2oVibe have decided to take your shower head and combine a bluetooth speaker with it. Did we mention it takes calls too? The only caveat is that it can’t skip songs, but otherwise it’s an awesome tool to have! The actual shower head part is pretty fantastic too as it boasts 3x more spray power tan your standard shower head.

Check it out here

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