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#Smarthome — Protecting What Matters Most

At Kubix, we love to hear stories of new technologies helping the world. The innovative market of smart home goods and IoT devices has truly changed the world we live in, and (we hope) will continue to do so in the future. Whether it’s our lights that turn on the moment we enter through the door, to a greeting chime, to the ability to check if our doors have been locked and our stove has been turned off; the level of convenience provided is astonishing!

But before convenience comes security, and the amount provided by certain smart devices cannot be overstated. When you’re able to see who’s entered your home, or even more importantly who shouldn’t have entered your home, the value of smart home systems cannot be overstated. A fire, burglary, or theft can happen to anyone, and when it does, it is so important to make sure everyone and everything is safe and secure.

Internet of Things and Smart Home company SmartThings has been creating smart products for quite some time now, and their blog is filled with stories of families using smart devices in a variety of ways: whether it’s been for safety, or convenience.

Check out this latest story of a family and monitoring what matters most!

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