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Paper-thin Printed Solar Cells?

If you've read our previous post on the Tesla Powerwall, then you know we at Kubix Calgary are going nuts over the idea of improved sustainability, green power and its increased affordability.

When we heard that printable solar cells were becoming available we knew we had to check it out! Since their inception, these easy/quick-to-manufacture marvels have seen drastic improvements in efficiency (going from 3% to 20% in a very short time).

As the inhabitat article states: "A 10×10 cm solar cell film is enough to generate as much as 10-50 watts per square meter.”

This might not be the most ideal for a city like Calgary now, however with improvements in the next few years it could be possible that we could be seeing solar power available in more homes and businesses in the near future.

Currently these amazing printable solar cells could start to provide power to many developing nations around the world where some may not have access to electricity or simply cannot afford it, and we think that's the best part about these paper-thin marvels!

Read the Inhabitat article here!

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