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Could 3D Printing Be the Future of Infrastructure?

A company from the Netherlands called MX3D has embarked on a project to create the first 3D printed bridge! Ambitious projects like these illustrate just how much we have been able to innovate; that it could no longer be as costly or time consuming to customize and design buildings and various structures.

At Kubix Calgary we have been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to see it done at the scale of a home, and are excited at the possibility that this may be the step taken closer to creating incredible things with only our imaginations to limit us!

Does this sound like something that's still years away from mass development? Well prepare to have your socks block off because company in Shanghai has already done it!

As stated in this article by the Chicago Tribune:

"WinSun Decoration Design Engineering, a Chinese company based in Shanghai, has already printed ten small houses, a five-story apartment building and an elegant villa. In March 2014, WinSun printed 10 small houses in just 24 hours. Each one of their 3D printed houses is 200 square feet and cost about $5,000 to print."

It's incredible where we are headed in the future of construction, and we at Kubix can't wait to be part of it!

Read the rest of the article HERE

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