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More Next-Gen #SmartHome Tech Coming to Calgary

For those who read our weekly vlogs, you know we love technology! With the IoT (Internet of Things) taking off and the #Smarthome market rolling into high-gear, we at Kubix Calgary love bringing you our latest findings!

Lowe's is currently launching a next generation of its Iris Smart Home solution. The update brings along new software updates, better performance, and a more intuitive and simplified interface.

In addition, Iris now works with over 75 devices!

"By implementing a mobile-first philosophy that focuses on simplicity, speed and customization, Lowe's has reinvigorated the smart home. The next generation Iris mobile app and hardware more seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, giving users an intuitive interactive way to communicate with their home and make their lives easier." - Press Release, Lowe's Companies Inc.

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