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Geofencing - A Home Automation Trend

Geofencing is a term you probably haven't heard of too often. It involves setting up invisible borders around an area (sectioning off parts) and using GPS tracking to to determine when an object or person (attached to that GPS, whether through a phone or otherwise) enters that area. When the person or object (etc.) enters that area, an app or a device can react in a variety of different ways. For example: imagine you wake up in the morning, leave the home to go to work, and just as you leave, the blinds/curtains close, and the lights turn off. This would be a simple example of the capabilites geofencing offers. As years progress, we're very excited to see what happens to the modern home. As we build newer and more advanced homes in the city of Calgary, we eagerly await to see the new tools and technology we incorporate to make Calgary citizens even more eager to get a Kubix home.

Check out this article from Electronic House to learn more about Geofencing HERE.

Are you looking to build a modern home in Calgary? Kubix is one of Calgary's most saught-after independent modern home builders. We take pride in making every home unique.

If you'd like to recieve constant updates on our Kubix homes, please leave us a note on our contact page!

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