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A Beginners Guide to Building a Smart Home

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the innovative companies that have spearheaded its movement, we've been seeing many homes both in Calgary and its surrounding areas upgraded with cloud-based alarms and tools that have improved the lives of many homeowners. However, around this large movement, many shy away from #Smarthome tech because of the complexity and downright confusing number of brands and tools available out in the market today.

Well, the modern home builders of Kubix Calgary have found something truly awesome for you! Two months back, PC Magazine released a beginners guide to Building a Smart Home, including best brands, products, and general information about smart home technologies.

If you have any hesitation about upgrading your home to a smart home, HAVE NO FEAR, the geek over at Kubix have your back!

Check out the PC Magazine article HERE!


Are you looking to build a modern infill home in Calgary or its surrounding areas? Kubix has your back! We have an incredible team ready to build your dream home in using the most advanced home building techniques and products available. See what makes our homes unique from 1000s of home builders, and why Kubix Calgary is the best choice for inner city homes!

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