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Home Automation has Potential to Create Energy Savings

With alternative energy becoming a more available option in many homes across North America, the low yield produced by in-home power generation (such as solar) has been a cause for major concern to green home owners.

There are two options in this regard:

1. Make the systems better and create more power or,

2. Reduce the amount of energy consumed

With this in mind, the easiest option is to begin reducing our power consumption. New appliances have over the years adapted more and more strictly to energy standards, yet in order for our energy footprint to be lowered even further, our habits and everyday uses of it need to be kept in check. With the rise in smart home devices, the potential to save energy has increased, and it seems will allow us to save additionally on our power consumption. So far this number is 10%, however, combined with other sources, this number could greatly increase.

Check out the article by Channel News here!

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