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Using Plastic Bottles To Build a Village and Save the Environment

Sometimes on the Kubix blog we like to recognize and share the incredible things some people do in the construction and architecture world. Nothing out there interests more than the creation of sustainable and green living, and supporting that lifestyle is part of what makes Kubix so unique.

Though not the whole world is build with modern homes and infills, some companies working in different parts of the world choose to take the path of creating sustainable living for people around the world who cannot afford the modern necessities of everyday living. Things such as shelters and homes.

In addition to housing, saving the environment and reducing waste is also a crucial part of everyday living. The company "Plastic Bottle Village" has been working on a project to capitalize on such elements. They have started to design and build homes which use plastic bottles as insulation, and put to use over 14,000 plastic bottles per unit. Imagine the impact this could have!

Check out the video regarding the Plastic Bottle Village Project here!

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