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A Modern Home that Fulfills All This Musician's Needs

In Kansas City sits a house fit for a musician on a budget. Designed by Kem Studio, this home accommodated not only her limited budget, but expanded on what she had hoped would have only been an 800 sqft apartment - giving her a 1250 sqft modern home with additional loft.

So what's so special about this home? Well, the fact that many of the things in the home pull double-duty to expand the usability of the home. For example, an installation of a Murphy Bed allows the loft to double as a balcony for an incredible view. The deck off of her bedroom, at the back of the house, extends the living space outdoors.

The thing we love about architecture is the challenge. How do we create more space with limited resources? Creativity. Take the Kubix Urban [SOLD] for example a simple look from the front reveals this:

But looking at the side you can tell that there is more than meets the eye to this elegant modern home:

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