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19 Incredibles Examples for Kitchen Design from @Contemporist

Who needs a restaurant when you have a perfectly good kitchen? That is.. if you're willing to cook. Many people we've talked to have said that they would eat at home more often, but the fact is that the kitchens in their current homes just don't cut it and therefore are not a real pleasure to cook and bake in (none of these people being Kubix home owners - by the way).

It's been our mission as modern Calgary home builders to make sure that the home is not just a home, but an experience that you can wake up to every day. Every element of the Kubix home is carefully thought out, and the kitchen is no exception. We've experimented with open shelving, and while it is a controversial topic among designers due to practicality, it's still not something we've been willing to rule out for some of our future homes (we still prefer closed shelving ourselves).

Either way, a little inspiration never hurt anyone - and so we'd like to share a bit of it with you from our favourite creatives over at The Contemporist.

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