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Going Solar: The Costs, Incentives, and Payback

Would you rather buy more solar energy or own your own? Photo Credit: Jason Blackeye |

If you remember a while back, we did a post regarding the Tesla Wall battery and the Calgary modern home. Well today, the Automated Home ( released a blog post regarding the results of their newly installed solar array and how efficiently it provided power to their test home.

As it stands, after producing approximately 3kWh per day, the power produced is enough to sustain a home with a person performing regular tasks albeit with a deficit of probably about 1kWh. If you commute regularly to your work and are usually only home in the early morning and evening, it's likely that you won't even use the power which you produce.

This all sounds great, however, don't expect to save ANY money doing this. Factoring in the cost of a solar battery such as the Tesla Wall, and arrays, capacitors, maintenance, etc, your system will probably only begin to pay for itself well after their warranty period expires. However, there are other advantages such as being able to work through power outages. Something not possible if fully reliant on the grid.

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