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Founded on the notion that there must be a smarter, greener, faster and cheaper way to build a new home, Kubix aims to guide the future of sustainable living by combining technologically advanced building materials and construction practices.

This innovative approach to delivering affordable and sustainable homes is based on an easy to assemble proprietary Metal Matrix™ structure and our Systematized Hybrid Construction™ processes that will revolutionize the single-family residential home construction industry. Read on to find out more, or click on the links below for more information. 

| The Metal Matrix™ | Hybrid Construction™ | Sustainable Building | Home Design

Kubix | The Metal Matrix
The Metal Matri​x™


Welcome to the future of smart home building. Our proprietary system uses cold-formed steel for your home’s 100% non-combustible structural frame, reducing wood consumption by over 30%.

Through progressive architecture engineering, planning down to the millimeter, and the high-tech factory fabrication of our pre-insulated structural panels, a Kubix home simply bolts together in about 3 days. Then the finishing work begins.

Enter the Metal Matrix™ here, Neo.

Calgary Hybrid Home Modern Construction | Kubix
Kubix Modular™


One of the most frequently asked questions when someone is confronted with a shipping container home is “why would you build my home out of recycled shipping containers?” We’re so glad you asked!

Find out how it all fits together.

Sustainable Home Building Calgary
Sustainable Home Building

Environmental impact is integral to our home design and construction processes. With every project we explore fresh ways to reduce the depletion of our natural resources and re-examine ways to connect with our surroundings. Sometimes that means simply letting a thing be what it is, doing more with less, and finding authentic ways of using renewable materials where possible.

Read more about our green homes​

Simple Modern Home Design | Kubix Calgary
Home Design Simplicity

Bigger isn't always better. Just ask the Europeans.

Better is what's really better, as in better: home design​​, 
interior space planning, building materials and techniques, and bleeding edge building technology.

Read more about the design simplicity of a Kubix home.
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