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Sustainable Modern Home Design | Kubix

Sustainable Home Building

Kubix aims to deliver a home that’s as environmentally responsible as you are, by thinking "sustainable construction" from the ground up – literally!

From land selected from the most desirable inner-city, walkable communities close to downtown, right up to the tip of our asymmetrical watershed roof-line design, environmental impact is an integral part of our green home design and eco-friendly construction processes.

With every new project we explore fresh ways to reduce the depletion of our natural resources and re-examine old ways to connect with our surroundings. Sometimes that means simply letting a thing be what it is.

For us, good home design means doing more with less, and finding honest and authentic ways of using renewable materials wherever possible.


Sustainable building practices and materials include things like:


:: Pre-insulation ensures no gaps for heat loss


:: Solar-sourced pre-heated water 


:: Rainscreen siding 


:: Cellulose insulation


:: Low E glass


:: Sustainable flooring and millwork


:: Composite paper countertops


:: High efficiency HVAC and DHW appliances


:: High efficiency kitchen appliances


:: Smart multi-zone thermostats


:: Low flow and low flush plumbing fixtures


:: Motion controlled CFL and LED lighting fixtures


:: Non-toxic low or no VOC interior materials and finishes


:: Recycle bin on construction site (of course!)


Learn more about the environmental implications of our Metal Matrix steel structure and our Systematized Hybrid Construction model

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