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Top Modern (Smart) Home Necessities from CES2015

There is no doubt that every Consumer Electronics Show since its inception has brought some truly amazing things to enhance our lives.

…It’s also no doubt that the geeks over at Kubix have been going nuts to see what the latest and greatest is going to be for our upcoming Kubix homes!

This year’s CES ushered in the era of the “Smart Home”. Whether it’s advanced security systems, home automation, or home management, we saw a little bit of everything at the beginning of this year, and boy are we excited to show you a few of our favorite necessities to turn your modern home, into a smart home!

1. Belkin WeMo

Wouldn’t it be great if everything you owned worked together in tandem? We are getting one step closer ot this with the new lineup of WeMo devices. From being able to see when family comes and leaves the home with the key ring sensor, tracking water usage with the WeMo Water, even having your coffee maker and crockpot communicate with your phone. The WeMo lineup is definitely something you’ll want to keep checking on for your future “smart” modern home.

2. Ring

Simple name; simple purpose. Imagine you had to leave your home just before a package you ordered was supposed to come in. You’re scared the delivery person is just going to leave your package at the door. No problem, because Ring is here to help! It’s a doorbell with a video and audio communication built right in to let you answer your door straight from your smartphone. No doubt the boss is going to love this one when we show it to him!

Calgary Modern Homes Kubix

Yep. He loved it!

3. First Alert OneLink Smoke & CO2 Detector

Smoke and CO2 detectors are staples, and are vital for in-home safety. The First Alert OneLink Smoke and CO2 detector is ready to be on guard and to you and your family safe. This detector has integration with Apple’s HomeKit and has an app for both iOS and Android to alert you of any problems anywhere you may be. You can also forget about the hassle of changing the battery too, because it’s battery that will last 10 straight years!

We at Kubix are really excited to start implementing awesome new tech into our Kubix homes. If you have any awesome tech you want to show us, get in touch with us on our Facebook page, Twitter page, or leave a comment down below!

Check out 9to5Mac’s video below for more information about these awesome products!

(Credit to: 9to5mac’s Article “Top Smart Home and HomeKit Tech of CES2015”)

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