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Can We Make a Home Feel Larger?

If you've ever even heard of people talking about computers, you'll know that batteries haven't gotten better, but technology has. This has allowed computers with smaller batteries than in the past to last longer while minimize the overall footprint of the device. Back in the day, you were lucky to get a laptop to go 2 hours without the battery dying on it - now you can get a computer that was 3/4 less and get 12 hours on a smaller battery. This was due to the way the computer was built, the architecture of the components, and the efficiencies built in to the hardware.

Sometimes we at Kubix wonder if the same can be done space in a home. Can we make a 2000 square foot home feel like a 3500 square foot home? Would it be possible to optimize the inside of a home without changing the physical size (something that is locked in the first place unless you want to engage in some more...messy changes). Imagine your Calgary modern infill being 2500-3500 square feet, but feeling like 5000? A very intriguing idea indeed, and the Kubix nerds are always looking for challenges.

A New York architect by the name of Christopher Kitterman designed his 450 square food apartment in just such a way. Check it out here!

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