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5 Best Doorbells & Locks for Your Modern Calgary Home

There's nothing more important than keeping your home safe. The advent of smart locks & doorbells have allowed us that comfort to know who is at our door, and who's going in and out of it. The convenience of allowing you to lock your door from afar in the case that you forget is a big help for those of us on the go at all times. As for our doorbells, the fact that we can see when a package has been dropped off, or exactly who is at the door (whether its trick or treaters, sales people, etc) is a major help for those of us.

There are a number of doorbells and smart locks available for your Calgary modern home or infill. They provide exceptional value and functionality which is why we've been looking further and further into them to see which exceptional pieces of tech we should include in our next homes.

Here is a list from 101 Home Security that should help you make your buying decision for your Calgary home a lot easier!

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