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Smart Home Tech Designed With Style in Mind

For years we've striven to make sure that the technology we had in the home was well-hidden. Most smart home tech up until now has not been the most visually appealing, and design-wise has not matched well with many design elements besides white glossy tables and polished wood surfaces (usually complemented with a fake green plant sitting next to it - you know what we mean).

Tiffany Brooks, lead designer for HGTV's Smart Home stated "Now you can find smart home products where design is just as important as functionality". Smart home tech is taking design very seriously. How else will it fully integrate into your home?

We at Kubix have been implementing smart home tech into our Calgary infills for a few years now, and we will continue to do so. If you are looking to create your latest smart infill in Calgary and the surrounding area - GET IN TOUCH WITH US!

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